Advanced, Certified and fully customized solutions. For the safety of the plants in case of fire and explosion. Not only a business aim, but a daily commitment, for the good of the community.

Headquartered in Pistoia (Italy), Prometheus Group was founded in 2001 with the aim of being the first Italian company in design and production of passive certified protection systems against fire and explosion.

In the recent years, international regulations and requirements in terms of prevention and

protection from oil fires gained on a crucial importance.

High standards of certifications are required to operate in refineries, pipelines and extraction facilities, in order to ensure the required conformity to work safely. Having the chance, in fact, to limit the flames propagation within a chemical or a petrochemical plant, is crucial both for economic and environmental reasons.

The Goal

The goal of Prometheus focuses on the need to provide a turnkey technologically advanced service in the field of passive fire protection facilities.

The products differ in rigid and flexible protections (“ProBox” and “ProFlex”), they are adaptable to all types of actuators (electric, pneumatic and hydraulic), as well as to each type of valves, tanks, cabinets, raceways and in general to every component primary for the safety of an industrial installation, ensuring the right functions for a sufficient period of time even under fire conditions.

Protection System

The protection systems designed and manufactured by Prometheus preserve the components that operate in Oil & Gas and Power Generation areas at high risk of fire. They are able to minimize the heat transferred, and significantly delay the increase of the internal temperature. This enables the above components to continue to operate even during catastrophic events such as “Fire Pool” type-fires (in accordance with UL 1709), “Jet Fire” (According to OTI 95634 and ISO 22899-1) and hydrocarbon explosion, safeguarding the enactment of standard procedures.

Prometheus solutions

Prometheus solutions are typically ETO (Engineer-to-Order) and they can be integrated with

the existing elements in a “stand-alone" way. The products are aimed at all parts of the supply chain: actuators developer, valve manufacturer, end-user, engineering companies and retailers. The products are characterized by uniqueness, cutting edge technologies and a high level of customization, comparable to the handcrafted sectors.

The Prometheus R&D department is constantly looking for new solutions in order to simplify the installation and intervention processes during the stages of testing and certification.