ProFlex protects the main devices that control a plant with a flexible jacket fully designed and manufactured in Italy. The goal is reducing drastically the risks arising from fire and blow-up.

ProBrid is a hybrid solution combining a rigid and a jacket-type protection case. It is applied when both rounded and critical equipment occur, so a simple box or blanket would not provide the optimal fire protection.

Proflex products insulate cable trays carrying control cables to ensure that the cables can operate long enough to allow process shut down during fires.

ProBox is a traditional fireproof product, which, thanks to continuous research, has developed into a product with high engineering content.

ProCab can be manufactured with AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel, carbon steel or light alloy steel and thanks to Prometheus experien

A full-compliance service in the design and production of accessories of carpentry compatible with actuators and industrial valves.