Accessories for Actuators and Valves

A full-compliance service in the design and production of accessories of carpentry compatible with actuators and industrial valves.

Positioning itself as a “layer" of compatibility between these two productive sectors, Prometheus stands as a partner for the fulfillment of all those accessory services to core business, which valves producers and actuators identify as low-cost and high-cost (when produced internally). For the latter, outsourcing the demand design and construction of brackets, joints and flange represent a notable plus, which then brings to the relief from benefits not directly profitable.

In the constant research of the manufacturing sector of “lean" orientation, Prometheus positions itself as a strategic partner, able to streamline the internal activities, optimizing time and resources towards those services with greater mark-up.

The value proposition of Prometheus is therefore focused on the desire to provide a turnkey service technologically advanced for the realization of dedicated carpentry components.

Brackets and Joints

To design brackets and joints for valve and actuator, the technical department applies the specifications supplied by the customer. For both components, it is possible to select the appropriate materials to be utilized, the type of construction and possible treatments, according to project requirements.


Designed and manufactured to against drawings and customer specifications, the flanges can be made in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, chrome steel and special steels (such as Duplex 2205 and Super Duplex 2507), to match stringent requirements typical for the Oil & Gas industry.

Continuous design rigor and QA/QC processes allow the products to achieve best-in-class quality products matching manufacturing tolerances and providing best reliability to our customer.

Light And Heavy Carpentry

Based on Prometheus proven track record in metallic carpentry, Prometheus can provide light and heavy metallic carpentry for oil & gas and petrochemical plants, such as ramps, stairways, footbridges, retaining walls, etc. Starting from customer specification, the engineers will test both functionality and validity, through 3D model and specific tools. This will lead to streamline the whole process, facilitating the fittest quality/cost ratio, together with a better throughput time.