Rigid passive fire protection system

ProBox is a traditional fireproof product, which, thanks to continuous research, has developed into a product with high engineering content. ProBox is made up of stainless steel panels filled with mineral fibers with very high thermal insulation capacity. The stainless-steel sheeting, in Aisi 304 or 316, has the function of repelling flame from a hydrocarbon fire, while the insulation mineral fibers slows down heat transfer to the equipment inside the ProBox.

Each product is encoded with an alphanumeric code to trace it in a timely manner. The encoding data together with the customer name and the tag number of the protected device are engraved on a stainless-steel plate attached to the enclosure.  Each ProBox is provided with a specific installation manual and in all circumstances, our team will be at the customer’s disposal.


The successful implementation of ProBox requires a detailed design and engineering phase.

To assure high efficiency and outstanding product quality, engineers process the parameters provided by the customer:

  • Type of fire
  • Fire resistance time
  • Geometry and mass of the component to be protected
  • Exposed area
  • Site condition

Parameters are easily manageable through a software that allows the realization of the ProBox corresponding to the customer requirements.

Customizable features

To reach full customer satisfaction, Prometheus allows the possibility to create a customized product. Our technical department supports the customer by developing a tailor-made product with customizable features such as:

  • Hinged inspection doors to allow operations of control and maintenance on the protected component
  • Captive screws to link panels in order to avoid their loss during maintenance of the ProBox or of the components to be protected
  • Electric and pneumatic cabling can be brought in using threaded casings laid down, as per the customer’s request, in an area of reinforced thermal insulation

The fire proofing can be designed so that it can be easily removed and re-installed during periods of overall maintenance or inspection of the protected equipment without shutting down the plant, unlike molded-on coating which does not allow for this possibility. Supplied on request with devices for moving single panels or the whole ProBox

Det Norske Veritas and Lloyd’s
Pool Fire 1100°C
Fire temperature resistance for at least 30 minutes, in accordance with UL 1709 and Hydrocarbon Fire Specifications
Jet Fire 1300 °C
Fire temperature resistance for at least 30 minutes, in accordance with OTI 95634 and ISO 22899-1 Specifications
Resistance to 2.9 barg
Blast generated overpressure

This fire proofing system is especially appropriate for particularly aggressive site conditions.

ProBox is a product that can be applied in those spaces where a particular type of protection is required. The most typical applications are:

  • Electrical and pneumatic valve actuators
  • Shutdown and regulation valves
  • Cable tray
  • Control panels
  • Pipe Work
  • Junction Box
  • Tanks
  • Control Station