Mechanical Works

metal carpentry

We solve those mechanical activities with a low added value, designing and producing accessories for metal carpentry. From engineering to the finished product: with flexibility, punctuality and ethical code.

CARPENTRY Production Site

Over the years, Prometheus developed a production equipment with specialized skills to be the best partner for its customers. The carpentry department is enabled to manufacture both medium and heavy metal carpentry.  The main equipments are:

  • Laser cutting center for sheets and profiles
  • Punching center with multi head
  • Bending center
  • Welding center
  • Micro peening center for decontamination of stainless steel and light alloys
  • Mounting areas with equipment suitable for refinishing metal carpentry products

Prometheus can supply the final product, from design to finishing through thermal treatments, surface treatments, and paints.

Machining Department

The machining department is a key part of Prometheus production line. Furnished with advanced equipments to guarantee a lean production with high quality standards.

The main machineries are:

  • CNC machining centers vertical and horizontal multi tools
  • CNC turning centers vertical and horizontal multi tools
  • CNC milling machines
  • CNC gear cutting machines
  • CNC Slotting and broaching machines

All machine tools are supported by hydraulic lifting systems; the department is capable of working parts and components up to 3 meters of length.