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Prometheus Group is approved vendor of ADNOC

Prometheus Group now an approved vendor of ADNOC

ADNOC, one of the world’s leading energy producers and a primary catalyst for Abu Dhabi’s growth and diversification, now relies on Prometheus Group Fire Jackets.

The company operates across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, through a network of fully-integrated businesses, with interests that range from exploration, production, storage, refining, and distribution, to the development of a wide-range of petrochemical products.

One of the major risks associated with the Oil and Gas industry is its susceptibility to raging hydrocarbon fires. These fires burn at an average temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius, making them a threat to structural and biological components associated with oil and gas plants. Thus the need for efficient industrial fireproofing techniques to mitigate the risks.

Prometheus Group thanks to its Passive Fire Protections, recently became an approved vendor of ADNOC for the following product:

From now on Prometheus Group will provide ADNOC with Fire Jackets that are certified against Pool Fire up to 1000°C fire temperature resistance for at least 30 minutes, in accordance with UL 1709 and Hydrocarbon Fire Specifications and against Jet Fire up to 1300°C fire temperature resistance for at least 30 minutes, in accordance with OTI 95634 and ISO 22899-1 Specifications.

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We are happy to have matched the requirements to achieve approval by ADNOC.